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Wisconsin football: Badgers scrimmage in Don Hutson Center, take in Green Bay

The Badgers get a taste of an NFL practice facility in their spring practice session.

Wisconsin didn't necessarily take a page out of the Michigan Wolverines' playbook, who traveled to sunny Florida for part of their spring sessions. The Badgers did, however, pack up their equipment and head northeast to practice and scrimmage inside the Green Bay Packers' Don Hutson Center adjacent to Lambeau Field on Saturday.

According to's Ben Worgull, the Badgers scrimmaged for about 75 plays, which included a 14-play drive.

B5Q wasn't able to make the trip up northeast, but here are some of the highlights via social media, including some impressive Lambeau Leaps from various Badgers.

Make sure you check out the following reports from the Badgers media beat (as well as follow and subscribe to their great services):

Quarterback highlights

Other highlights