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Oregon-Oklahoma and Kansas-Villanova will determine two Final Four berths on Saturday night.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe you just love college basketball. Or maybe the champion of your bracket plays today in a big game and you're holding out hope to win. Whatever it is, gosh darn it, you aren't going to let Wisconsin's late game failings against Notre Dame ruin March Madness for you. No sir.

(By the way, did you get into B5Q's bracket pool? How are you doing?)

The first two Final Four participants will be anointed this evening in Anaheim and Louisville, respectively. First Oregon, the precocious, shot-blocking menaces from the Pac-12, take on Oklahoma's cohesive, experienced starting five led by Player of the Year candidate Buddy Hield. Then in the late game, No. 1 Kansas collides with the blistering Villanova offense in a matchup of tourney favorites. And yes, finally all games are on CBS.

Matchup Time TV Live Stream Announcers
(1) Oregon Ducks vs. (2) Oklahoma Sooners 5:09pm CT CBS & March Madness Live app Verne Lundquist / Jim Spanarkel // Allie LaForce
(1) Kansas Jayhawks vs. (2) Villanova Wildcats 7:49pm CT CBS & March Madness Live app Jim Nantz / Grant Hill / Bill Raftery // Tracy Wolfson

Commiserate, mock and enjoy the games with your fellow Badger fans below in the comments.