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Who has the Badgers' better mullet: Vince Biegel or Jon Dietzen?

We asked many Badgers who best depicts “Business in the front, party in the back.”

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a question I have been wanting to be answered ever since it was known to the world that two Wisconsin Badgers players had a look best personified by "business in the front, party in the back."

Who sports the sweetest mullet on the team?

First, there’s redshirt senior outside linebacker and team captain, Vince Biegel.

Asked on Wednesday to make the case for his 'do, Biegel said, "The reason because is I think mine is a combination of old with the new. I got the designs—that’s the new school. In the back, it’s the old school. It’s a perfect combination."

Vince Biegel and the old-school, new-school look
Jake Kocorowski

Opposite him is redshirt freshman left guard Jon Dietzen with his long, red hair flowing (sunglasses optional).

"I mean, Vince has his styles and everything going on the side of it," Dietzen said on Tuesday. "I think I got the nice classic '80s mullet that you just can’t really beat it. His is great, but I don’t know how you’re supposed to beat the '80s mullet."

"Jon Dietzen, don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful mullet," Biegel responded.. "Lot of respect for it. The growth, the commitment it took is unprecedented. Lot of respect for him. I’m grateful and I’m happy to have another guy with a mullet on the team. We just got to get more guys on board, I think."

The '80s mullet from Jon Dietzen. Drink it in.
Jake Kocorowski

B5Q polled many Badgers throughout the week. Here are their pure, unaltered answers:

Safety Leo Musso: "Oh. Aww man, Vince might be mad at me. I think if Vince would have given his hair a little bit more time to grow out, like it was two years ago, we would have had a serious competition there. Dietzen, though, he’s got red hair—long, red hair. He’s truly a poster child for what a good mullet looks like."

Inside linebacker T.J. Edwards: "I’m going Dietz all the way just because I hope Vince hears that. I think Dietz has got the length to it, and it just looks great on him."

Defensive end Chikwe Obasih: "Dietzen."

Defensive lineman Conor Sheehy: "Dietzen."

Running back Dare Ogunbowale: "I would probably say Jon. It’s red—that’s pretty freakin’ exotic. Vince, he gets the designs in it, which is awesome. He had the breast cancer ribbon during October, which is great, but you don’t see too many red mullets just walking around campus. It doesn’t help he’s 310 pounds. Just a big guy with a red mullet. I think his is a lot longer too, so I’m waiting to see when he cuts it off because I can’t imagine he’d keep it much longer."

Center Michael Deiter: "I mean, Jon. It’s red, it’s huge. Vince has a little bit to go yet. He’s gotta grow it out longer. It’s kinda getting bigger. And it’s not red, so I got to give it to Jon.

Any bias since you’re an offensive lineman, like Dietzen? "Maybe, but I still don’t think so because the red hair and the absolute volume of it. I think that wins without the bias."

Left tackle Ryan Ramczyk: [laughs] "Gotta go with my boy, Jon Dietzen. He rocks it pretty good. It’s pretty strong."

Defensive end Alec James: "I’ve heard you’ve been asking this question. I would give it to Vince but Dietzen came with a strong mullet this year, so I got to give it to Dietzen.

You have to give Vince credit for the designs on the side of the hair, right? "His is pretty good, but Dietzen’s—it’s the orange hair."

Inside linebacker Ryan Connelly: "Oh goodness. I’m going to have to go with, right now, Jon Dietzen. There have been times where Vince has been clearly better, but as of today, I have to go Jon Dietzen."

Safety D’Cota Dixon: "I would probably say Vince, because he’s done that since I was a freshman, so I’m just going with Vince anyway."

But who has the best hair on the team? "I don’t know. I pick on Leo sometimes—he’s like one of the Jonas brothers or something. I’ll go with Leo Musso."

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