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Garded Optimism Podcast: Episode 2

We’re back! On the second installment of your Wisconsin Badgers basketball podcast, we discuss some preseason player evaluations and Big Ten projections.

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You made it!

Another week went by in your life, and here we are: ready to listen to the second episode of the Garded Optimism podcast.

First off, we were blown away by the ~700 listeners to the podcast’s first episode. We wanted to say a big “THANK YOU” to all who tuned in to listen to Kyle and me ramble about the Badgers for 45 minutes.

We’re on iTunes now! Subscribe here! (As mentioned in the episode, we’re in the process of getting on Stitcher, so Android users can download on their phones.)

Garded Optimism Episode 2

Follow the show on Twitter @GardedOptimism, as well as the co-hosts @CyrtHogg and@KAAshauer. You can also e-mail the show with questions/rants/comments at

Thanks for listening in!