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Garded Optimism: Podcast Episode I

Introducing the first episode of Garded Optimism, A Wisconsin Badgers basketball podcast. Now on iTunes—subscribe here!

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Garded Optimism is now on iTunes! Subscribe here to catch every episode!

As the Wisconsin Badgers basketball season lingers right around the corner, myself (Curt Hogg) and Kyle Ashauer came together to begin Garded Optimism, which is a punny name for a podcast about Badgers basketball.

Follow the show on Twitter @GardedOptimism, as well as the co-hosts @CyrtHogg and @KAAshauer. You can also e-mail the show with questions/rants/comments at

Thanks for listening in!

Episode 1 on SoundCloud

0:30: Introductions

1:35: Brad Nortman!

2:45: Illinois haiku (

4:20: Badgers media day

6:20: Newcomers and potential impact

8:15: Vitto Brown, super sixth man?

11:25: Aaron Moesch, The Mustachioed Wonder

12:35: Talking about Pritzl/Van Vliet again

13:55: Redshirting for 2016-17

19:00: Khalil Iverson plays for the Brewers, briefly

19:40: Additional quotes from media day

20:45: Aaron Craft, friend of the podcast

21:10: Ethan Happ and defensive tendencies

22:25: Mis-Happs

23:50: 500 threes a day

25:10: Prototypical Bo Ryan Big Men™

26:55: Ethan Happ Fan Club

29:00: Red/White Scrimmage

30:50: Cousy & Ashauer watch lists

32:20: Hayes’s and Koenig’s social activism

39:25: NCAA and Pay for Play?

45:55: One big preseason question

An alternate logo (before @Rubie_Q revamped the podcast’s graphic design department):