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Nigel Hayes brings activism to College GameDay

The man has a point.

@BadgerBeat on Twitter

The next step in Nigel Hayes’s activism? Joining the crew of sign-bearing students at ESPN’s College GameDay broadcast in Madison on Saturday.

The Wisconsin basketball star, who has spoken out on everything from race relations to the NCAA’s treatment of its student-athletes, revisited the latter Saturday morning on Bascom Hill, where’s ESPN’s popular pre-game show was airing ahead of the night’s Ohio State-Wisconsin showdown.

That’s a Venmo username at the bottom of the sign, surely a nod to the college student who raised thousands of dollars for “beer money” using the same tactic last month. And no, as USA Today points out, that isn’t Hayes’s personal Venmo account.

In hindsight, we should’ve expected such a move from Hayes. Just Friday night, he actively discussed pay for student-athletes on Twitter.