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Wisconsin football recruiting: CB/ATH Deron Harrell accepts Badgers' grayshirt offer

The Badgers land a cornerback that has some real interesting tools.

It's been well established that spots are tight for the Wisconsin Badgers as we stand eight days before National Signing Day. So you have to get a little creative with your offers. You tend to have to look for the developmental and the sleeper, but sometimes you find a prospect like Denver, Colo., athlete Deron Harrell, who officially accepted his grayshirt offer from Wisconsin on Tuesday.

While he did slide under the radar, there is a lot to like about Harrell. It starts with the triangle numbers: you have a prospect that goes 6'3 and has a Hudl-reported 40-yard dash time of 4.50. On that alone, you have a starting point that's interesting for someone who's projected at cornerback. Add to that a fluidity in his hips when he's running the ball as a pistol quarterback, and even if you didn't have someone who also led his high school in interceptions with three, you would have the prototypical clay that any defensive backs coach would look to build with at the position -- even if he isn't set to join until the first semester of 2017.

The Badgers were the first offer for Harrell, though Colorado and San Diego State did give him looks. Harrell is also the son of former Florida State Seminole and Arena League legend Damian Harrell.