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Wisconsin football: Paul Chryst talks injuries, improving running game during Big Ten teleconference

Questions arose about the status of Mike Caputo and Corey Clement, but no new updates were given.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Wisconsin Badgers head coach Paul Chryst updated the status of injured stars Michael Caputo, Corey Clement, among other topics to the local media in Madison after their 35-17 loss to Alabama on Saturday night in Arlington, Tex.

On Tuesday morning during the Big Ten Conference weekly teleconference, Chryst didn't provide much new info regarding if both significant contributors will play Saturday morning at Camp Randall Stadium against Miami (Ohio):

  • Chryst said he was disappointed in the end result of the game Saturday night. As noted before, some things to build on but areas of improvement to get better.
  • In response to a question regarding the improvement of diagnosing concussions with testing and protocols from five or ten years ago, Chryst said there's a "lovely emphasis" on anything that has to do with player safety. He said protocols are place that are big steps in the right direction, but noted it's probably still early in its cause of gathering data that can be helpful. Loves the intentions and where it's going.
  • Chryst said win or lose, there are areas to be the best team you can be. He said the fun thing about coaching is that you can keep grinding.
  • In regards to Clement's health and if Chryst has considered resting him, Chryst said they'll find out more. Monday's practice wasn't a physical practice. Chryst said there's a balance, and that Clement tried to go and he appreciated that despite the injury. Specifically with Clement, he said he'll see how this week goes and then make the decision.
  • After facing the best run defense in the nation in Alabama, Chryst said all 11 guys have areas where they can improve. There's some very specific technical aspects (first, second steps, for example) that could be modified. "There's nothing magical about it, but we all have to own the responsibility of being better than what we were," he said.
  • On an update on Caputo, Chryst noted he's still going through protocol. "He's feeling much, much better," and they'll see how he progresses.
  • Chryst admitted it was noticeable having Caputo out because he's a captain and a leader on the team. Reiterated what was said on Monday regarding Caputo wanting to play football, even a pick up game. Appreciated how sophomore safety D'Cota Dixon came in and got his first snaps -- noted he did some good things and there are things to work on -- but that Caputo means a lot to this team.