Wisconsin to wear white-on-white uniforms vs. Alabama, UW Equipment says


Wisconsin will done its white-on-white "Stormtrooper" uniforms Saturday night vs. Alabama, according to the UW Equipment Twitter account.

There's really no reason to doubt this tweet, unless plans change for some reason. Most football mornings, you can find photos of the uniforms the Badgers will be breaking out later in the day. Especially as we've seen UW tinker with some minor yet noteworthy tweaks to the color scheme over the past few years, @UWEquipment is definitely a good photo.

For those seeking a refresher as to what this white-on-white scheme might look like, click here and here for a trip down memory lane to last year's Iowa's game.

Update: It's all-white, save for the facemask. That'll be red, so slightly unlike the Iowa uniforms last year.