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Wisconsin football: Head coach Paul Chryst talks ejections, appeals process, Micah Kapoi in Monday press conference

The Badgers head coach discussed Chris Orr and Austin Traylor's recent play on Monday.

Wisconsin head coach Paul Chryst met with the media Monday five days before the No. 21 Badgers take on the Hawaii Warriors under the lights of Camp Randall Stadium.

Among the questions asked by the media included follow-ups to

  • Chryst started off by saying there were positives that came out of the game and noted each game is different and "you win different ways"
  • "I thought we ran the ball a little bit more consistently," Chryst said, and thought running backs Dare Ogunbowale and Taiwan Deal were more patient
  • Regarding the targeting calls and if he spoke with the Big Ten conference offices, Chryst said he spoke with Bill Carollo and went through the calls. On Jacobs' hit, "it's just making sure his head is truly up, and, you know, we have been spending a lot of time on working on getting him to the side, and that's easier said than done, when it's a split-second decision."
  • Is Chryst worried about players getting hesitant? He said it's his and the coaches' job to communicate and reinforce with what they're practicing to ensure the hesitancy is taken out of it. He doesn't think the players will be affected by it.
  • Chryst confirmed there's no appeal process unless the review system isn't working in the stadium, as well as sophomore cornerback Derrick Tindal being unavailable for the first half of Saturday's game against Hawaii.
  • Chryst has never worked with Hawaii head coach Norm Chow but notes he's well respected in the coaching profession and a good person.
  • Regarding Chris Orr's performance, Chryst said the true freshman inside linebacker continues to work to get better. "He's got really good instincts," Chryst said. "I thought he was doing a better job of attacking early, and it's not atypical but was trying -- he doesn't want to be wrong. I think it took away some things, but I think he was trusting what he was seeing and playing downhill."
  • When asked about redshirt senior Austin Traylor, Chryst said he wanted to do whatever he could to be the best and noted how the team means "a ton" to Traylor
  • Chryst was asked about his reputation for getting the most out of his quarterbacks. He simply replied he's been lucky to be around some really good guys "that work at being the best they can."
  • On the success of the two-minute offense, Chryst said the offense works on it every week and referenced redshirt senior quarterback Joel Stave's personality of not being rattled. The head coach noted the players need to make plays in those positions.
  • Chryst was asked on his philosophy with running out with the team. He believes game day is about the players. "I just think that that day is about them," Chryst said. "Now, I have always felt as a coach that you can still have an important role on game day, it's not like you're trying to check out, but they've got a small window of time where they're playing this game, and we're lucky to be able to do it here. Coming out on to the field at Camp Randall Stadium, the best thing about our team is our players, and I have always believed that, and it's true here. We have some great young men, kids that are playing and representing this university, and I like it when they lead the team on to the field, and I want to be with them and I want to help them and do everything I can, but the game is about them. I guess that's why I'm not the first one and I kind of want to get out there, but I don't want to -- it's about them."
  • The former player turned offensive coordinator and now head coach was presented with a game ball on Saturday. He said anytime you receive something from your players as a coach, it's meaningful.
  • Regarding how secondary coach Daronte Jones and how he can help prepare the team for the Warriors, Chryst said the former Hawaii assistant knows some of their players and he can give the staff a bit of an idea -- but also noted how Hawaii has a whole new defensive staff.
  • Junior running back Corey Clement's status is still up in the air for Saturday's game. Chryst said he thinks they'll get him reps this week and felt like he was making progress. However, he cautioned to see how this week will go for the stud running back. "We'll see how the week goes."
  • Hawaii is a physical team that plays to their schemes and has some really good football players.
  • The Badgers play at 7 p.m. on Saturday night. Chryst noted the staff has a "pretty good plan" for the players leading up to the game that day and how to handle the wait until playing at night.
  • Regarding Micah Kapoi's play, Chryst believes the redshirt freshman did some "really good things" and started to develop a rhythm. "So we have all -- everyone has got for growth, but I thought Micah -- it was fun to see him play, and I thought that he kind of turned it loose at times, and I think that will only improve with rotation," Chryst said. "I think there is a lot to be said about preparing -- we talk and put a lot of stock into preparing for a game and I think once you go through it, now, you as a player can do a better job of preparing. You know what it is you did well that helped, you know where you can do a better job, so that should be good, sizable improvement with all the guys as they're starting to figure it out. That's good."