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Wisconsin football: Paul Chryst recaps Miami (Ohio), previews Troy

Paul Chryst recapped the Miami (Ohio) game and looked to Wisconsin's next game Saturday afternoon against Troy.

Two days after the Wisconsin Badgers overwhelmed the Miami (Ohio) RedHawks 58-0 at Camp Randall Stadium, head coach Paul Chryst spoke with the media at his weekly press conference on Monday.

Here are the highlights:

Chryst thought there were some areas where the Badgers got better and thought they were much more sound, and handled adjustments defensively.

Jokingly, Chryst said the biggest improvement will be from Week 2 to Week 3. Everyone knows that. He laughed. We laughed.

Chryst appreciated the work and the energy the players are putting into it special teams. Said the players understand the importance of special teams and they are championing that.

When asked about defensive coordinator Dave Aranda, Chryst said he's "truly detailed" in his preparation and when talking with the players. He also noted how the defensive assistant coaches have all had relationships with him.

Said redshirt senior wide receiver/safety Tanner McEvoy has a great football IQ, "awareness of the game," and athletically is a unique player. Chryst believes they're not done perfecting how to use him in the game plan, and commended the former JUCO transfer for wanting to do whatever he can to help the team.

Regarding junior running back Corey Clement's injury status, Chryst said "we'll see."

"When he's ready to practice full, all-out, then we'll gauge him for the game," Chryst said. "No one can just not practice and go play. But as soon as any player is ready to go, we're going to play him"

Chryst praised wide receivers Robert Wheelwright and Jazz Peavy when asked about the two young wide receivers.
The first-year Wisconsin head coach also went out of his way to mention redshirt senior tight end Austin Traylor and his progression as a receiving target. Chryst noted how Traylor caught 100 balls a day this offseason, with guidance from offensive coordinator Joe Rudolph, as "Rudy" did with another former great Badgers tight end, Lance Kendricks.

When asked about the essentials to running a good two-minute offense, Chryst noted it's about poise and players executing their roles.

When asked if he was surprised by the ability of the receivers, tight ends and running backs, Chryst noted how he thought Traylor's skill set included being an asset in the passing game when recruiting him -- and how he's excited to get "Fum" (redshirt sophomore tight end Troy Fumagalli) involved more.

Regarding the rotating right side of the offensive line, Chryst noted redshirt freshman guard Micah Kapoi received 38 snaps on Saturday and said he did some things that were good, but that he was "kind of not trusting himself." He didn't want to "put words into his mouth" but noted that's how it came across.

Going further on, he said redshirt junior Walker Williams has more on his plate at the moment due to playing both guard and tackle. He said the line still has a lot of work to do with both Kapoi and Williams, along with redshirt sophomore right tackle Hayden Biegel.

Regarding Troy, Chryst says they run a pace-orientated, spread offense, but unlike Alabama and Miami utilizing their tight ends, the Trojans utilize four-wide receiver sets (10 personnel).

Regarding how to not be upset (i.e., Arkansas' loss to Toledo on Saturday), Chryst said the team needs to focus on itself and that each game is a unique opportunity.