Barry Alvarez on Bo Ryan: 'I have to give him space'


Barry Alvarez on Bo Ryan's coaching future at Wisconsin:

"I have to give him space. If he decides to come back we have a Hall of Fame coach.

"If he decides he wants to step aside…we have to respect that and find the best coach we can to replace him."


"I think we owe that to Bo," he said. "I’m not going to (pressure) him. I’m going to let him make the decision when he feels comfortable with it and we’ll move forward."

That's from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which noted that Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez participated in Thursday's taping of WISC-TV's "Sidelines" show. His comments were brief -- we imagine the actual episode will include more -- but they continue the theme of Bo Ryan's comments two weeks ago that he might not necessarily retire after this upcoming season. Frankly, it seems like nobody's made a final decision yet... which is quite alright considering the stability the program has developed over Ryan's 14 seasons at UW.