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Wisconsin football recruiting: Badgers drawing interest from K.J. Sails, Lil'Jordan Humphrey, Keldric Preston

A potential run may be brewing.

Gibsonton (East Bay), Fla., defensive back K.J. Sails.
Gibsonton (East Bay), Fla., defensive back K.J. Sails.
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Recruiting, unless you're a playoff contender or seven levels of horrible, always goes in cycles. You get your run, and then disaster strikes. Then you shake it off, and a new set of pieces come into play. And sometimes, a possible big week comes out of nowhere.

I'm not going to tell you that there's a table that's going to be run by Wisconsin, but there are four targets who are worthy of deepening consideration. While there likely isn't going to be four commits next week, I'm willing to wager that the number is higher than zero. And it's always a good day when you get a commitment.

DB K.J. Sails: Tuesday was a big day for the three-star cornerback from Gibsonton (East Bay), Fla. He visited Madison and got his photo taken with Barry Alvarez. By all accounts? It was a good visit in Madison.

With that said, Sails decided to take a journey down to Iowa City and visited the Hawkeyes on Wednesday. As it stands, that was another good visit ($).

As I can hear the sports yelling about to charge up that hill, I'm going to give you one piece of very interesting news.

I'm not telling you this is something meaningful and throw up the commitment airhorns here. The thing I'm going to beat into you like talk of flat circles is that Paul Chryst is a pretty patient coach when a player doesn't seem ready to commit. Sails is in Madison -- good things can happen.

ATH Lil'Jordan Humphrey: If you're wondering if Lil'Jordan Humphrey is not at the very least interested in what Wisconsin has to offer, he wanted to visit Madison on Wednesday, but since he was in state for a basketball tournament -- the 6'4 running back convert from Southlake (Southlake Carroll), Texas, holds a Division I hoops offer from South Dakota -- it was not to be. It's an NCAA rule I don't understand too clearly, but since it was during a basketball evaluation period -- even though he is a football prospect -- he couldn't visit campus ($). Yeah. Seems unnecessary to me, too.

The good news: Humphrey is going to be able to make a visit to Madison this weekend. If we're going off the calendar. it will very likely be Monday, as the basketball evaluation period ends Sunday at 5 p.m. There's also this from 247Sports' Evan Flood that says he will be able to visit Thursday, so I don't know if this is some kind of secondary violation or what. I can guarantee that the NCAA rulebook doesn't make a lick of sense, though.

Whatever. Humphrey is a top prospect, someone who could well become a very dangerous split end on the unofficial visit. It's not a commit alert call, but it shows that the Badgers have more than a puncher's chance.

DE Keldric Preston: The three-star defensive end from Tampa (Robinson), Fla., was all set to announce his decision Thursday, but then the Bright House Sports Network intervened, and his decision is now set to occur on Monday.

The interesting thing: it looks like the Badgers are about to get themselves a pretty strong commitment on Monday. Reports indicate that the Badgers are running in the top two with Penn State ($), which offered on June 10. The Badgers, however, received a visit and the Nittany Lions did not. Crystal balls are starting to pop up for the Badgers, too.

Before we get into a struggle about what happens with Garrett Rand or Thomas Schaffer, remember this important thing. The Badgers have a lot of scholarships to work with for this class. Rand and Schaffer are definitely good enough to use in one of those "break glass in case of emergency" scholarships. But it looks like Wisconsin is the favorite to get another defensive end.

WR Demari Simpkins: Another three-star prospect who's getting that crystal ball momentum coming toward Wisconsin is Simpkins, the speedster from Hollywood (Hallendale), Fla. The Badgers have always had that best-offer advantage, but the Simpkins visit plan has been solidified. It's from next Tuesday through Saturday ($), and there will be another commit on campus making a visit.

That's right, the Fort Lauderdale linebacker and one of the most enthusiastic commits for the Badgers, Dallas Jeanty is going to be taking a four-day trip to Madison at the same time. I'm not going to attempt to pre-hype you here, but it seems as if a run is coming.

To get a couple of strong commits in the next week or so? Always gonna be good. If disaster strikes, we'll get to the next stretch of good soon enough. Let's keep riding.