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Vote now: Madison Bar Bracket, 2nd Round

The Great Madison Bar Bracket of 2015 is on to the second round and there are mainly heavy hitters left. Let's take a look at the matchups and move one step closer to crowning the first ever Madison Bar Bracket champion.

Before we get to the second-round games, we need a quick results recap from the Camp Randall region. Unfortunately my real job, at a bar no less, prevented me from getting a recap post up for Camp Randall and for that I apologize. There were some amazingly close games in this region with the (13) Greenbush Bar vs. (4) The Red Zone showdown resulting in a 10 vote victory for the favorite. The (5) Mason Lounge vs. (12) Brocach game also ended in nail-biting fashion as Mason Lounge used a late surge to win by a mere 31 votes.

The two biggest beatdowns of the Camp Randall region first round came courtesy of (3) Lucky's pounding (14) Hotel Red and (9) Blue Moon demolishing (8) Barriques. The rest of the region went according to seed as (1) Jordan's Big 10, (2) Brasserie V, (6) Buckingham's and (7) The Library all moved on to the second round comfortably.

Without further ado, let's get to the voting for the second round. Voting will end on Friday. Due to some perceived (and real) ballot stuffing in the first round, all matchups must be voted on now. Take that, cheaters. If you need to brush up on the bars or check out the results from each region, here are some handy links for you: State Street region preview and resultsCamp Randall preview and results are above; Southeast region preview and resultsCapitol Square region preview and results.