Frank Kaminsky shares heartfelt reaction to Bo Ryan's retirement announcement


When I found out that next season would be Coach Ryan's last as the head of Wisconsin's Men's Basketball program I had many mixed feelings. My first reaction was to call a few guys on the current team and see how they were handling the news. After talking to them I called Coach and he told me that in every one of his 40+ seasons as a head basketball coach his 100% focus and attention has been on the success and growth of the young men in his various programs. When and if it ever came to a point where he didn't feel he was able to do that he would leave coaching. I appreciated hearing this from him, but in reality the reason I called was just to hear his voice. This is the man who saw something in me at a time when very few did. He took an 18-year old kid and helped him become a man both on and off the court. No words can accurately describe what Coach Ryan has meant to me and how he has changed my life. It makes me happy that the best part of his decision is that he is not done yet. For one last year, everyone will see the same fire and passion he has brought every single day throughout his long and successful career.

Frank Kaminsky on his Facebook page. We've already rounded up a number of Badgers-oriented reactions to Bo Ryan's Monday announcement that he will be retiring after next season, but Frank Kaminsky's reaction feels special enough to share separately. The Charlotte Hornets first-round pick began like so many other Wisconsin recruits: not very heralded and as just another freshman looking to get some minutes. Now, he's Frank Damn Kaminsky and Bo Ryan is a hall of fame-worthy coach. What a time to be a Badgers fan.