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Vote now: Great Madison Bar Bracket Aleite 8 voting open

Almost none of the favorites remain, but a deserving bar will nonetheless be crowned king of Madison's nightlife scene.

Alyssa Hamm

Bars are a naturally divisive topic. Whenever you get a group of friends together that numbers more than four, it will probably take 30 minutes to figure out where to start your night out on the town.

We here at Bucky's 5th Quarter like to be bringers-together of people and that's why we are allowing you, the people, to vote on which is the best bar in Madison. Here are the results of the Sudsy 16, which left some people questioning the process (WHICH YOU SHOULD NEVER DO! GO SIXERS! GO HINKIE!).

We've got eight bars left and they are all worthy contenders to the throne of "best bar in Madison." The Plaza, Paul's Club, The Library, The Red Zone, Vintage Spirits & Grill, Nitty Gritty, Essen Haus and Genna's are the only bars that remain. Who will win and be showered with cheers? Who will lose and be booed until my throat is sore? The power is in your hands.

Vote, or Diddy will fight you like you're a strength and conditioning coach.