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The Great Madison Bar Bracket Results: Sudsy 16 filled with upsets

Welcome to Upset City, bruh.

Alyssa Hamm

In what I think we can all agree is the biggest news of the day, the results for the Sudsy 16 of The Great Madison Bar Bracket are finally here. Due to my graphic designer being out of town for most of the week, I did not have an updated bracket for you until this morning. Thankfully, she's home now and I have that new bracket for you and groceries. My graphic designer pulls double duty as my wife.

Anyways, that's not the important part here. The important part here is deciding which bar is the best in Madison and all you voters out there are definitely not voting solely based on seed alone. Since inquiring minds want to know the results, here they are laid out in percentile glory.

After 3,914 total votes, these are the bars that are moving on to the... wait for it... Aleite 8.

Camp Randall Region

1) Jordan's Big Ten Pub - 1,418 votes, 36.2%

4) The Red Zone - 2,496 votes, 63.8%

3) Lucky's - 1,477 votes, 37.7%

7) The Library - 2,437 votes, 62.3%

State Street Region

9) The Plaza - 2,587 votes, 66.1%

5) The City Bar - 1,327 votes, 33.9%

6) Paul's Club - 3,387 votes, 86.5%

10) Capital Tap Haus - 527 votes, 13.5%

Southeast Region

1) Wando's - 824 votes, 21.2%

5) Nitty Gritty - 3,090 votes, 78.9%

6) Red Shed - 760 votes, 19.4%

2) Vintage Spirits and Grill - 3,154 votes, 80.6%

Capitol Square Region

1) The Old Fashioned - 1,024 votes, 26.2%

4) Essen Haus - 2,890 votes, 73.8%

6) Genna's - 2,829 votes, 72.3%

2) The Great Dane - 1,085 votes, 27.7%

Wando's, The Old Fashioned, The Great Dane and Jordan's Big Ten have all been sent packing. That leaves us with zero No. 1 seeds left heading into the Aleite 8. This truly is *checks calender* JUNE MADNESS! Voting for the next round will commence on Saturday and I fully expect to be surprised by the results.