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Vote now: The Great Madison Bar Bracket Sudsy 16

We've reached the "second weekend" of the Great Madison Bar Bracket. Let your voice be heard and vote for your remaining favorite bar.

Alyssa Hamm

The results from the second round are in and there were some surprises. The State Street region is wide open after a number of top seeds fell to scrappy, Welker-esque upstarts. While the No. 1 seeds remain alive in the other three regions, the voting public has put them on notice that mediocrity will not be tolerated.

Voting for the Sudsy 16 round will be open until Saturday afternoon and just like last round, every matchup must be voted on or your ballot will not count. It is encouraged that you share this with your favorite bar so that it can "get out the vote" and if you happen to do some liquid research while at these establishments, all the better. We have 16 excellent choices to win the first ever Great Madison Bar Bracket, so don't be shy in championing your favorite bar left in the comments.