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Madison Bar Bracket: Second-round results

Oh yes, there were upsets.

Alyssa Hamm

You guys! I don't know if you noticed, but the first round of the Great Madison Bar Bracket 2015 was pretty chalky. That was not the case once we got to the second round, however.

A brief list of the notable bars that lost: State Street Brats, Brasserie V, Kollege Klub, Monday's, Whiskey Jack's, Chasers and Merchant. With over 5,100 votes tallied last week, we now have our Sudsy 16 set.

To the results! And click here for a larger image of the updated bracket, if you'd like.

State Street Region

Better known as Upset City, the State Street region did not see a single favored seed move on to the next round. Madison staple and No. 1 seed State Street Brats lost to No. 9 seed The Plaza 2,765-2,343. In a bloodbath of bars that I've been way too drunk at, No. 5 seed The City Bar bested Monday's 3,130-1,978.

We apparently have a number of older alums voting for this because newish kid on the block and No. 3 seed Whiskey Jack's Saloon was blown out by No. 6 seed Paul's Club 3,697-1,411. In one of the more shocking developments of the tourney so far, No. 10 seed Capital Tap Haus demolished No. 2 seed Kollege Klub 3,109-1,999. A low-seeded Cinderella is going to come out of the State Street Region, but who will it be?

Camp Randall Region

While not nearly as upset-happy as State Street, the Camp Randall region did send one surprise bar on to the next round. No. 7 seed The Library squeaked by No. 2 seed Brasserie V 2,802-2,306. The rest of the region went according to seed, as No. 1 Jordan's Big 10 Pub beat No. 9 The Blue Moon, No. 4 The Red Zone walloped No. 5 Mason Lounge and No. 3 Lucky's beat up Buckingham's. Can The Library continue its excellent run, or will a top seed come out of Camp Randall to crush a State Street upstart?

Southeast Region

The top two seeds in the region, Wando's and Vintage, won their matchups with barely any room to spare (although No. 2 seed Vintage won more impressively than No. 1 seed Wando's). The remaining two showdowns were where it got interesting, as No. 5 seed Nitty Gritty beat No. 4 seed Karaoke Kid 2,713-2,395 and No. 6 seed Red Shed upset No. 3 seed Chaser's 3,273-1,835. The top two seeds appeared invincible at the start of the bracket, but eeking out close victories in the second round might leave them vulnerable moving forward.

Capitol Square Region

A chalky region to be sure as No. 1 seed and title contender The Old Fashioned dispatched No. 8 seed The Cooper's Tavern with ease, No. 2 seed The Great Dane dropped No. 10 seed The Tipsy Cow after an initial struggle, No. 4 seed Essenhaus dominated No. 5 seed and neighbor Come Back In and No. 6 seed Genna's provided the only upset of the region by besting No. 3 seed cocktail haven Merchant.

The showdowns are set for the Sudsy 16. Voting will open later today and will run all week. This is getting serious, folks. The best bar in Madison is one step closer to being crowned.