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The Great Madison Bar Bracket 2015, Camp Randall Region Round of 64

The final region of #B5QBarBracket voting is open. In true Cook County fashion, I encourage you to vote early AND often for your favorite bar.

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Voting is now open for the Round of 64 in the Camp Randall Region of the Great Madison Bar Bracket 2015. You have until Wednesday at 9 a.m. CT to cast your vote for all eight matchups in the region. There are some wonderful matchups in the Camp Randall region of campus, so let's get right down to some analysis.

Matchup 1

(1) Jordan's Big 10 Pub
  • Located at 1330 Regent Street
  • Jam-packed with Badgers fans for football game days
  • Badass beer list, not just for a sports bar, but for any bar in Madison
  • Solid fish fry on Fridays
(16) Mickies Dairy Bar
  • Located at 1511 Monroe Street
  • The scrambler will cure any hangover
  • Doesn't serve booze, sooooooo, kind of have to take them down a peg

Matchup 2

(8) Barriques
  • Located at 1825 Monroe Street
  • Hosts weekly wine tastings from their extensive collection
  • Really nice beer selection too
  • Great coffee and tea lists, free WiFi, great sandwiches
(9) Blue Moon
  • Located at 2535 University Avenue
  • 14 taps, ranging from Miller Lite to the Experimental Belgian Stout from Central Waters. Really something for everyone
  • An extensive burger menu, but they oddly charge for lettuce and tomato
  • A bit off the beaten path, but well liked by those in the neighborhood

Matchup 3

(5) Mason Lounge
  • Located at 416 S. Park Street
  • No TVs. Bring interesting friends to talk to
  • Has some sort of pizza deal with Falbo Brothers (located next door and my favorite pizza place in Madison)
  • One of the best beer selections in town and a beautiful whiskey list too
(12) Brocach
  • Located at 1843 Monroe Street
  • Comfortable atmosphere with a nice imported beer selection
  • According to recent Yelp reviews there is a new chef that is still "working out the kinks"
  • Fish and chips, duck fat fries, and brunch on Sundays

Matchup 4

(4) The Red Zone
  • Located at 1212 Regent Street
  • Boasts over 35 TVs and every major sports package that DirecTV offers
  • A wide variety of classic college cocktails
  • Nachos that are bigger than an entire table
(13) Greenbush Bar
  • Located at 914 Regent Street
  • Beer list hasn't been updated recently, but the last time they did it included Karben4, Central Waters, and Schlitz
  • Two words: Bourbon. Flights.
  • Kickass pizza, but not better than Falbo Brothers

Matchup 5

(6) Buckingham's
  • Located at 802 Regent Street
  • Has a special called Hammertime that runs from 9-11 nightly. It includes $1 rail drinks and Coors Lights. Whoa.
  • Karaoke on Saturday nights
  • On Fridays and Saturdays that Hammertime thing starts at 8:30! WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING OVER THERE!?!?
(11) Laurel Tavern
  • Located at 2505 Monroe Street
  • A number of Wisconsin beers behind the bar
  • Old school dive bar
  • They have a nice fish fry on Friday nights, but Saturday's prime rib special is where it's at

Matchup 6

(3) Lucky's
  • Located at 1421 Regent Street
  • Like many of the bars on Regent Street near Camp Randall, Lucky's has a high number of TVs
  • Ale Asylum, New Glarus, Karben4, Lake Louie and others on tap
  • Trivia nights every Wednesday and live DJs on Thursdays and Fridays
(14) Hotel Red
  • Located at 1501 Monroe Street
  • The Wise Restaurant and Bar is located on the first floor of the hotel
  • Nine taps, all from Wisconsin
  • Seasonal cocktail list that changes with the seasons

Matchup 7

(7) The Library
  • Located at 320 N. Randall Avenue
  • Excellent food and cozy atmosphere
  • While not a sports bar per se, they do have a number of TVs and will play all major sporting events
  • Good beer selection, wide array of shots, open early for cafe/coffee service, and an overall fun atmosphere
(10) Pasqual's
  • Located at 1851 Monroe Street
  • Tequila tour.
  • Awesome Mexican food
  • Nice mix of Mexican and Wisconsin beer. A perfect pairing

Matchup 8

(2) Brasserie V
  • Located at 1923 Monroe Street
  • Constantly rotating tap list that leans heavily Belgian
  • Moules et frites. I could eat this every day
  • Nice wine list, but the menu is beer focused
(15) Bluephies
  • Located at 2701 Monroe Street
  • Madison's Vodkatorium with a wild list of Bloody Marys for brunch
  • All beer is from Wisconsin, which seems to be a trend for a number of these bars...which is awesome
  • Serves Hamm's. Enough said.

So there is a brief Camp Randall region breakdown for you. The voting is below and will end Wednesday at 2 p.m. CT. Good luck to all the competitors, and let's hope to get to "One Shining Moment" intact as a community.