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Wisconsin football recruiting 2016 offers, targets

An updated post for tracking Wisconsin's offers in the 2016 recruiting class.


Our previously existing page tracking Wisconsin football recruiting offers was originally published in 2013. We left the comments open on that post for a while, then turned them off, then turned them on again earlier this spring.

Not surprisingly (in hindsight), that ended up getting a little confusing for readers and commenters. So here's a fresh offers tracker, with a new comments section that won't leave you wondering why it appears the discussion is beginning with prospects from three years ago.

We've also consolidated commits and offers into one chart; you'll notice Wisconsin's commits for 2016 bolded in the spreadsheet embed below. We'll keep the sheet updated by adding and removing recruits as needed.

Reminder: this page is not intended to track every single reported offer that Wisconsin sends out. Rather, it's meant to compile a list of prospects Wisconsin has offered and has a somewhat legitimate chance of landing.

One more reminder: As always throughout the site, star rankings come from 247Sports' composite rankings. These rankings factor in evaluations from a number of scouting services.

If you come across a prospect whom you believe should be on the list below -- reminder, this is just offers we're talking about here -- we'd be happy to receive your tips right here.