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Details for the Brett Favre's Legends Game announced

The 'Ol Gunslinger will be lacing 'em up one last time in the state of Wisconsin this summer, you know, until the next last time he laces 'em up.

David Banks/Getty Images

While this game won't count in the record books, people in Wisconsin are extremely excited to watch Brett Favre's Legends Game -- a July 19th flag football game at Camp Randall featuring former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre and a cast of Packers legends. Details were announced today at a press conference inside Wisconsin's venerable home stadium where the miracles of modern technology allowed Favre to call in from whatever tractor he was sitting on to answer questions.

Details on ticket prices were announced, offering fans three different tiers with corresponding better views by increased price, one would imagine.

There are also special ticket prices for UW students!

As many of these summertime sporting diversions do, Favre's Legends Game will donate a portion of its proceeds to charity.

There will also be a pregame, uh, game of flag football between local police and fire departments.

As an Eagles fan, I feel it is my responsibility to let the non-Packers legends team know that if the game goes into overtime, don't let your quarterback make any decisions.

A few of the other confirmed players for the event are a nice mix of Packers legends and some Badgers ones too.

And now some quotes from Favre to get all you Packers fans hot and bothered!

Dammit, Favre...

Sorry, Drew Meyer.

And just so everyone knows that the Bears still suck, Favre is sticking it to them one last time.

You can find out all the other information this super informative post didn't give to you at the game's website:

And here's the logo for the event for all your t-shirt purchasing needs.

So, Badger fans and Packer fans, are you going to check this game ou...OH GOD MAKE IT STOP!