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The Great Madison Bar Bracket of 2015

It's the offseason. Let's yell about stuff that isn't sports.

The Wisconsin Badgers don't have a baseball or a lacrosse team. The Milwaukee Brewers are terrible, and the Philadelphia Phillies are somehow worse. There isn't much to do around these parts except follow recruiting (which has actually been going quite well of late for the Badgers), so we might as well discuss something important.

The best bar in Madison, Wis.

It's a noble, and perhaps foolish, journey -- but one that we must endeavor on nonetheless. I'm sure this bracket will fracture friendships and cause families to feud for decades. Hell, we at B5Q almost came to blows while discussing seeding! It is important that we let our favorite bars know that they are the best in Madison, and honestly, the only way to do that is in bracket form. While we call this the Great Madison Bar Bracket, it is mostly limited to bars that are within a drunk stumble of campus. Perhaps there will have to be another bracket later in the summer.

Here is how this is going to work: you, the reader will vote for the winner of each matchup. You will use any criteria you see fit to judge the winner, but here are a few helpful categories to use: ambiance, drink specials, beer list, cocktail list, food, skill of bartenders, mascots that look like giant bratwursts. Just a few helpful ideas to get the juices flowing. We will soon have a roundtable of experts breaking down the bracket and voting for the first region will open Thursday. Each region's voting period will be open for 48 hours and then the winners will be announced and we'll move on to the next region.

There is nothing that says fall camp is super far away than a sports blog yelling about bars instead of sports.