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NFL Draft 2015: Badgers react to San Diego Chargers drafting Melvin Gordon

The Badgers legend became a San Diego Charger Thursday.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The expectations going in for Melvin Gordon were a little lower than this. If the San Diego Chargers didn't select him at 17, odds are he was going to fall into the twenties. Not the worst fate in the world, but Gordon was given a nice surprise after the Rams drafted Todd Gurley at No. 10. Being drafted with the 15th pick in the first round and going to a team that wanted you enough to trade up for you is always going to be a good day. Congratulations came rolling in for Gordon Thursday after the Chargers selected the Doak Walker winner and Heisman runner-up.

While the expectation is that the Wisconsin Badgers are going to be done with first round selections with Gordon off the board, expectations are offensive tackle Rob Havenstein will be selected sometime tomorrow or Saturday and nose tackle/defensive end Warren Herring is definitely a prospect that could find a home on Saturday.