Let's dominate the EDSBS Charity Bowl!


Every year, Spencer Hall and the gang over at Every Day Should Be Saturday have a charity drive to help New American Pathways (formerly RRISA). This charity helps new refugees to America get settled in and accustomed to American life. It is a good and important cause, and it is not one that is often thought of for charitable donations. You can read all about it on the link posted above.

While giving to charity can be reward enough for some people, it's always nice when there is a "humiliating your rival in college football" aspect to it. There are, again, more details about the overall grand prize that Spencer will award to the school with the most donations (Michigan almost always wins), but I think we here at B5Q can have our own little challenge. Monday was the first day of the charity drive and it lasts all week. Wisconsin has had one donor, and he/she added 11 cents to their donation to signify the 11 straight times Wisconsin has beaten Minnesota.

Let's get out there and show Minnesota, EDSBS and anyone else that Wisconsin fans are the most charitable with their bratwursts at a tailgate AND their money for a worthy cause. Here is the link to donate. On, Wisconsin!