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Watch: Wisconsin's Final Four hype video is the best

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Wisconsin came out with its Final Four video on Tuesday night, and man -- it's awesome. I have about seven favorite parts, though the order and exact makeup of the list can surely be argued. Feel free to share yours in the comments.

1. Running the hill: A preseason Badgers tradition, Bo Ryan makes his team run the hill at Elver Park every September. Fox Sports Wisconsin's Jesse Temple tried to run the hill this past fall and wrote an awesome story on the whole thing.

2. Tom Izzo is in this video: The coach of the Michigan State Spartans, who are also in the Final Four and could face the Badgers in the national championship. He gushed about Frank Kaminsky after Wisconsin defeated Michigan State for the Big Ten tournament championship.

3. Footage of State Street after the Badgers clinched their second straight Final our berth: The best.

4. The team packing into the van, with the slow music build-up.

5. That Kaminsky-Sam Dekker alley-oop at about the 43-second mark. Nice.

6. The football team watching the game from the Camp Randall Stadium scoreboard during practice.

7. The one-clap celebration after the Badgers locked up the No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament.