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Final Four 2015: Wisconsin press conference roundup featuring FIFA rankings, pinball, The Who and even a little Kentucky

Head coach Bo Ryan and 4/5 of Wisconsin's starting lineup held court in Madison for the last time before heading off to Indianapolis for the Final Four.

Screenshot: BTN

The Wisconsin Badgers held their last press conference in Madison on Tuesday afternoon before heading to Indianapolis for the Final Four. The Badgers, who have been loose as a goose all season, conducted a humorous and goofy presser in advance of their titanic matchup against the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats on Saturday night. Frank Kaminsky, Sam Dekker, Nigel Hayes and Josh Gasser met with the media and, uh, this picture pretty much sums up how it went.

Bo Ryan even got in on the fun, claiming that The Who used him as inspiration for their song "Pinball Wizard" after his performance on the flippers in Pennsylvania in the 1960s.

The players spent much of their time arguing over which teammate was the top ranked FIFA player, leaving Kaminsky distressed and BadgerMax-less.

With all the hype surrounding Hayes' love of stenography, it was Dekker who spent time discussing spelling errors.

The team did manage to find some time to talk about the game against Kentucky, mentioning how talented the Wildcats are, but not seeming intimidated in the least.

Although even in analyzing UK, Kaminsky still slipped a joke in.

After the Kings of Comedy had their turn at the mic, Ryan was up next to bring some gravitas and seriousne... oh.

I guess the team takes after its coach pretty well. Ryan did have a bunch to say about his matchup with John Calipari and the Wildcats, however.

Ryan went on to discuss something that has been rubbing some Badgers fans the wrong way: his short leash on Dekker, explaining when he has to reign in the West Region's Most Outstanding Player.

Ryan was also quick to compliment Dekker, too.

Despite the very apparent looseness of the team, the Badgers are clearly dialed in and ready to cement their legacy as the greatest basketball team to ever play at Wisconsin and one of the greatest ever.