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Video: In a rush, Bo Ryan hijacked Mark Turgeon's press conference

Coach has places to be.

Even before plane trouble forced Wisconsin into making an emergency landing in Pittsburgh Tuesday night, things started going awry at the Xfinity Center.

Following the Badgers' loss to the Terps, coach Bo Ryan was in a hurry to get his media obligations done and get to the plane. Yet, nobody told Maryland coach Mark Turgeon, who was already into his opening remarks when Ryan hijacked the podium.

"I was just going to say, we have a flight to catch," Ryan said as Turgeon more than willingly gave up the podium. "They were supposed to get me and I was waiting and they didn't get me. Geez. Right in the middle of his speech, too."

What an odd night -- here's hoping Sunday's Senior Day game vs. Michigan State goes better. Maybe we'll see Traevon Jackson?

(h/t @RobHernandezWSJ)