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Wisconsin football: Melvin Gordon recaps NFL combine on Dan Patrick Show

Former Wisconsin Badgers running back Melvin Gordon went on the Dan Patrick Show Tuesday morning to talk about the NFL combine and share some laughs with Dan Patrick.

Here's a quick recap on some of the topics they discussed:

• Gordon thought he did alright at the combine, but aimed to do better.

• When asked if he was nervous at any given point, Gordon said it was when he got to the 40-yard dash.

• When asked by Patrick, he said he thought the 40-yard dash isn't relevant. Said game speed is what truly matters.

• Regarding his team interviews, Gordon said they went well and there were a lot of questions, but not any tough questions.

• Apparently, Gordon doesn't have a girlfriend.

• On where he'll get drafted, Gordon said he doesn't know. Notes how the draft board changes all the time.

• Gordon thinks quarterback Jameis Winston will go first in the draft, calling him a "ball player." Thinks he's a good football player and liked his swagger.

• Gordon said Winston and fellow quarterback Marcus Mariota are different personalities. Winston's a little more outgoing while Mariota is a quiet guy, but Gordon said he believes you can be a leader and be a quieter guy.

• Gordon said he watched Mariota run the 40-yard dash: "He's got wheels, man."

• On his favorite team or one he wants to go to, Gordon said he doesn't have one and just wants to go to one that fits him.

• Gordon did say he liked the Minnesota Vikings when Adrian Peterson played for them, and also admitted he does look good in purple.

• Gordon laughed when Patrick asked him if people come up to him in person, wanting to try to tackle the 6'1, 215-pound back. Some fun stories told here.