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Wisconsin football recruiting: Projecting how the Badgers will end their 2016 class

A look at who could commit to the Badgers by National Signing Day.

Mckeesport, Pa., running back Khaleke Hudson.
Mckeesport, Pa., running back Khaleke Hudson.
Student Sports

As it stands right now, the Wisconsin Badgers are in a contact period of recruiting. UW assistants and other programs, per NCAA rules, can visit targets until December 14. After that, there's a dead period. So, the news is about to go quiet for a while, and to fill the void, it's time to make a projection as to how the Badgers will fill out the rest of their class. It's been one of the better classes the Badgers have had of all-time. With 21 commitments, there's only a handful of spots left for the Badgers to get a commitment.

So, as part thought exercise, part guessing game, let's take a look at a final commit list with recruits that could fill out the class of 2016, a.k.a. the best class of all time -- if it doesn't fall apart in January.

CB Patrice Rene

6'2, 203 lbs. 
Alexandria, Va. (Episcopal)

The Canadian-born Rene enjoyed his official visit to Wisconsin for the Northwestern game. In fact, the time at Wisconsin almost put his current verbal commitment into question ($) after the game. Now, the three-star Rutgers commitment is standing without his head coach, and North Carolina, the other school that was in a strong position for Rene, landed a flip from Virginia Tech commitment Myles Wolfolk. As it stands, who Rutgers hires is probably the only thing that stands between the Badgers and the commitment.

RB C.J. Freeman

5'11, 200 lbs. 
Greensboro, N.C. (Northern Guilford)

A three-star South Carolina commit, Freeman was on the same trip to Madison as Patrice Rene and also enjoyed his time there. Before that, he was the most likely of the post-Antonio Williams offers that the Badgers were likely to land at running back. He's an early entrant, and while South Carolina might land a charismatic head coach, right now they're moving about the recycling bin for their head coaching prospect. Otherwise, the Badgers would have to face down Louisville, where Freeman's officially visiting this weekend with other talented recruits.

DE Isaiahh Loudermilk

6'6 275 lbs.
Howard, Kan. (West Elk)

In the race between Austrian-born, Lake Forest, Ill. (Lake Forest Academy), defensive end Thomas Schaffer and Loudermilk, I expect the three-star athlete and one of the more dominant forces in 8-man football to end up being the Badgers' last addition on the defensive line. Though admittedly the situation is in flux, as Schaffer appears to have not a clear-cut favorite between Wisconsin, Oregon and Stanford -- and if a common contender for both Badger prospects in Oregon lands a Prince Sammons or an Amani Bledsoe, suddenly there isn't space for a defensive end that the Badgers are going after. If they're in play for both, they get one, and it probably forces them to pull back on Loudermilk first.

RB Khaleke Hudson

5'11 200 lbs.
Mckeesport, Penn.

I know that someone in Pennsylvania with offers from the Nittany Lions as well as Michigan and UCLA definitely has a value that goes above the three-star rating -- but did you notice how there's a running back by his name? As it stands presently, the Badgers are pursuing Hudson as a running back. It definitely has value.

Long story short, the Badgers look to fill in with a couple of running backs and a lot of athleticism, but of course, the situation reopens in mid-January. And as the last two years have shown, the final three weeks may feel like three months.

But, we'll find out. It's gonna be...something.