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Wisconsin football: Corey Clement cited twice for disorderly conduct in Nov. 8 dispute

Madison police say Clement threw the first punch in an altercation at his apartment complex.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Wisconsin junior running back Corey Clement received two citations of disorderly conduct from the Madison Police Department on Tuesday in connection to a Nov. 8 incident at his residence.

ESPN Wisconsin's Zach Heilprin first reported the developments earlier on Wednesday afternoon, with the Wisconsin State Journal's Karen Rivedal also detailing out the police report, which can be seen in PDF form here.

The report states Clement delivered the first punch after a verbal altercation between the star running back and a group of individuals -- three of which who were also charged with one count of disorderly conduct. There was an exchange of words between the two parties, which included Clement using "derogatory and sexually explicit language" towards the girlfriend of one of the members of the party, which further enhanced the hostilities.

A female security guard tried to keep the two sides apart during the incident. Clement landed that first punch to the face of an individual the report identifies as 23-year old Tenzin Palden, knocking him down to the ground.

As Heilprin notes in his article, that set off the physical "melee" between the 5'11, 219-pound running back and three members of the group -- with Clement telling authorities he was hit about 25 times during the exchange.

Per Rivedal's article, Madison detective Joel Peterson spoke with Clement about the review of the incident.

"I told Clement that a review of the video showed that his assertion that he was defending himself was not reflected in the video," Peterson says in the report. "I told Clement that it was clear that it was his actions that caused the verbal argument to continue, and that it was his actions that initiated the physical disturbance."

About Clement's use of abusive language toward the woman, Peterson said that "also was not appropriate," adding, "Clement did not argue or disagree with anything that I told him" during the meeting Tuesday between detectives and Clement in the fifth floor administration offices in Kellner Hall on campus, the report said.

UW released a statement Wednesday afternoon in response to the situation and their Nov. 12 statement.

Statement from UW Athletics on Corey Clement
We were informed yesterday by Madison Police that Corey Clement was cited for two counts of disorderly conduct for his role in an incident on Nov. 8. When we first became aware of this incident, we knew this was a possibility.

We released a statement regarding Corey's involvement in the incident on Nov. 12 in response to false information that was circulating. That statement was based off of information that we had at that time.

With the release of the full police report today, further details on the incident have come to light. Any disciplinary measures taken by UW head coach Paul Chryst relating to this incident are undetermined at this time and will be handled internally.

Three others were cited in the dispute as well, being identified as Kevin Ha (23), Panyia Xiong (25) and Btmonyroth Men (28).

On the field Clement has not had the 2015 many expected due to being sidelined with a sports hernia injury. He's only gained 155 yards on 29 carries in three games. There's been no comment from UW on his availability for Saturday, and any disciplinary measures due to his citations are "undetermined" and, as UW notes above, "will be handled internally."