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Bucky Badger and Goldy Gopher are smack-talking each other on Twitter

Mascot fights are even better when they get to use their words.

Axe Week has officially begun, and with that, the smack talk between Wisconsin Badgers fans and Minnesota Golden Gophers fans has begun, as well. It should be a very exciting game, and a fun way to end the Big Ten regular season for both sides of the rivalry.

Every great rivalry is fueled by seemingly never-ending smack talk. In the good ol' days, smack talk was laid down face-to-face, where no one had anywhere to run to. No hiding behind keyboards, no bashing someone via internet blogging (Who blogs, anyway? Oh, wait ... ), just straight forward, in-your-face smack talk.

Unfortunately, this means that mascots could never truly participate in the fun. Sure, they can mimic and mime all the smack they want, but actions don't always deliver the same punch as cold, hard words. Thankfully, we live in an age where mascots are finally able to express their thoughts with words, even if those words are typed.

The results of this freedom to use the English language to express their thoughts has led to some beautiful back and forth between Bucky Badger and Goldy Gopher. So sit back, and enjoy the show.

Good to establish order early on. Wouldn't want this turning ugly.

A classic insult to start things off. Love it.

Come on, Goldy. Like this is even an insult.

Heh. Loser.

Gee, thought you'd put up more of a fight, Goldy.

That's an uppercut to the face. And so early on in the fight! It's gonna be hard for Goldy to recover after that one.

Nickelback is bad.

Who likes bread crust, anyway?

Party foul by Goldy.

... doesn't everyone?

You know that person. The one who stares down you like you're doing something wrong by expecting to be able to drive your car when the light is green.

Maybe he has a housekeeper who takes care of it. EVER THINK OF THAT, GOLDY?

I'm calling it. That's the end. That's the winner. Can't come back from that one, you dumb Gopher (although he's still trying).

* * *

Bucky did/is doing his part. Now the Wisconsin Badgers just have to do theirs. #AxeWeek