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Wisconsin women's hockey: Meet a new Badger, Sam Cogan

The Ottawa, Ontario, native brings a wealth of international experience.

Sam Cogan
Sam Cogan

Freshman Sam Cogan of the Canadian U-18 National Team joins  US U-18 Women's National Teammates Sophia Shaver and Mikaela Gardner in the Badger freshman class this season

Cogan, a native of Ottawa, Ontario, won gold with Team Canada at the 2014 IIHF U-18 Women's World Championships, where she scored two goals, including one in the gold medal game, and and silver in the 2015 tournament. In 2013, she tallied 37 goals and 63 assists for 100 points in 68 games and helped the Wildcats U-19 team win its first pennant in only its fourth season.

While Shaver and Gardner spent the summer in Madison, Cogan moved on campus at the start of the fall semester. She knows that leaves her a step behind, but she's working twice as hard to catch up to her fellow freshman.

A tall forward with a strong hockey sense, the Badgers will be looking to see how Cogan can mesh with two already talented forward lines and use her international experience with Team Canada to help accelerate her learning curve.

On transitioning to the college game

It’s been crazy. It’s been a lot to take in. There’s different techniques and plays (that I’m not familiar with). The game is so much faster. It’s been crazy, but it’s been fun.

On the pressure of being a freshman and needing to have an immediate impact

I think we’re just taking that pressure and using that as motivation. We know that people are going to be expecting a lot from us and we’re not getting nervous about it. We’re just taking that on the ice and giving our all and playing the game that we know how to play. We’re not worrying about what other people think, we’re just playing hockey.

I think this year is going to be an amazing year. We’ve got a lot of talented girls on the team. Lots of speed, lots of goal scorers. I’m not too worried about us not getting points or not "filling the shoes" - I think the skill on this team means we’ll be perfectly fine.

At Wisconsin, Frozen Four and National Championships are always the end game, but what are the other goals for the season?

I just want to get better. Maybe win Rookie of the Year - that would be nice. Just win as many games as we can. Just be a benefit to the team and try and score goals.

Badgers Women's Hockey's Sophia Shaver scouts fellow freshman Sam Cogan

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