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Wisconsin football recruiting: Punter Connor Allen accepts preferred walk-on offer

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So you know that part where you were wondering when the Badgers would be getting punting help? Here you go.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

One of the things that was problematic for the Wisconsin Badgers this year was the punt game. The coverage was shaky, and even punter Drew Meyer would admit this was not peak Meyer when it came to two steps and booting the ball.

While the Badgers weren't going to have space for a scholarship offer, that doesn't mean that help isn't on the way as Brookfield East (Wis.) punter Connor Allen accepted a preferred walk-on offer on Tuesday.

Allen was deemed an above-average punter with good directional skills by the Kohl's kicing camp. He still needs to build up strength before he's going to see the field on a regular basis, but he did improve every year in terms of punting average. He's also the guy we haven't seen struggle, which will serve him well.

Until, you know, he struggles. Either way, let's look at the highlight reel. Because nothing says fun like punting highlights. Watch the leg.