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Barry Alvarez: Wisconsin interviewed Pat Narduzzi for head coaching job; Ben Strickland has spot on UW staff

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As the Wisconsin State Journal reports, Barry Alvarez provided a little more insight into Wisconsin's coaching search over the weekend.

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The University of Wisconsin's Athletic Board formally ratified the hiring of Paul Chryst as head football coach on Friday, and Barry Alvarez took the opportunity to provide additional details about the coaching search that ultimately led the Badgers to bring back Paul Chryst.

Andy Baggot of the Wisconsin State Journal has the full report. Among the highlights:

Wisconsin interviewed Pat Narduzzi, Greg Schiano

Narduzzi is the surprising name; we knew Schiano was interviewed (as widely expected) back in early December. Narduzzi, of course, is the former Michigan State defensive coordinator who has taken over Chryst's job at Pitt.

It would be interesting to know how close Narduzzi was to getting the Wisconsin job, if he was close at all. Chryst was obviously the runaway favorite from the moment news of Gary Andersen's departure broke, and even Michigan people didn't know Narduzzi interviewed with the Badgers. He also reportedly interviewed with Colorado State.

Alvarez also said he interviewed other coaches, including an African-American, but wouldn't say who "because they're currently head coaches."

"That's where it gets touchy because then you jeopardize their job because they're looking (for a different job) or their agent's looking for them," he said.

Ben Strickland has a spot on Chryst's staff

As Chryst slowly filled out his coaching staff, the status of secondary coach and in-state recruiting maven Ben Strickland was a popular topic of conversation in the comments section. Considering the work he did in keeping Wisconsin's recruiting class together while Andersen left the program in temporary disarray, there seemed to be widespread concern about the possibility of Chryst looking elsewhere for a secondary coach and/or in-state recruiter.

Turns, out that isn't the case.

Alvarez indicated Ben Strickland, a Brookfield native who coached cornerbacks under Andersen, would be the in-house recruiting coordinator for Chryst provided another on-field coaching opportunity didn't come along.

Chryst will 'wait a bit' to hire receivers coach

Alvarez confirmed that Chryst offered the wide receivers job to Madison native and former Oklahoma offensive coordinator Jay Norvell, but Norvell instead opted for Texas. Chryst will apparently "wait a bit" before hiring a replacement for Chris Beatty, who left for the same job at Virginia.