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Super Bowl XLIX: Wisconsin is most represented team on Super Bowl rosters

Sunday was a sad day for many Wisconsinites, but there is a sliver of a silver lining: there are more Wisconsin Badgers playing in the Super Bowl than any other college team.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

I'm sure most of you aren't ready to talk about the NFL right now, but I do bring some good news. With six players on either roster, your Wisconsin Badgers are the most represented college in this year's Super Bowl. No matter which stupid team (and believe me, both teams are stupid) wins the Super Bowl, a Badger will be getting a ring.

Either James White and Jonathan Casillas of the New England Patriots or O'Brien Schofield, Russell Wilson, David Gilreath and Mike Taylor of the Seattle Seahawks will see their football dreams come true in two weeks. This will be the second straight year that a Badger is Super Bowl champion, since Russell and the gang did it last year as well.

USC has the second most players, with five, followed by a whole host of schools with four. Included on that list are Alabama (Wisconsin's first opponent of 2015), Illinois, Michigan, Oregon, Rutgers, Stanford, Texas A&M and UCLA. Cal, LSU, Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, Purdue and TCU all have three representatives in the big game.

Continuing its run of dominance over all things football related, the Big Ten (#B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G), as a conference, has the most players in the big game with 29. The Pac-12 (second place again, fellas) has 27, the SEC has 25, the ACC has 11 and the Big 12 has nine. Notre Dame has two players in the Super Bowl, which is only one more than Florida A&M and Concordia have. Maybe join a conference, Notre Dame?

Illinois, Michigan and Rutgers are tied for second in the Big Ten with four players each. Purdue has three and Iowa, Nebraska and Penn State all have two.

Here is the breakdown of Super Bowl participants by college and conference.

By college (teams with more than one representative)

6: Wisconsin

5: Southern Cal

4: Alabama, Illinois, Michigan, Oregon, Rutgers, Stanford, Texas A&M, UCLA

3: Cal, LSU, Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, Purdue, TCU

2: Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kent State, La. Tech, Marshall, Memphis, Nebraska, NC State, Notre Dame, Penn State, Tennessee, Utah State

By conference

Big Ten: 29

Pac-12: 27

SEC: 25

ACC: 11

Big 12: 9

MAC: 7

AAC: 5

Ivy League, Notre Dame: 2