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College Football Amway Coaches Poll Week 3: Wisconsin ranked 17th

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After a win and a B1G collapse for other teams in multiple games, Wisconsin finds itself the second-highest ranked team from the conference.

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After Wisconsin overcame first half offensive struggles and found its passing game in a 37-3 win over Western Illinois, the Badgers moved up two spots to No. 17 in the Amway Coaches Poll. After the loss by Ohio State to Virginia Tech, the Badgers now find themselves the second-highest ranked team from the Big Ten Conference in the Coaches' poll.

Here's a full view:

Ranking School First Place votes
1 Florida State 51
2 Alabama 1
3 Oklahoma 3
4 Oregon 6
5 Auburn
6 Georgia 1
7 Baylor
8 Texas A&M
10 USC
11 Notre Dame
13 Michigan State
14 Arizona State
15 Ole Miss
16 Stanford
17 Wisconsin
18 Ohio State
19 Virginia Tech
20 Kansas State
21 Nebraska
22 Missouri
23 South Carolina
24 Clemson
25 North Carolina

The top five remained unchanged from last week, but Georgia, Baylor move up two spots each, with Texas A&M, LSU and USC cracking the Top 10.

It was not a good week for the Big Ten as there is now no team in the Top 10. Michigan State drops seven spots to No. 13 after its loss to Oregon, while Ohio State slides 11 down to No. 18, right behind Wisconsin. Virginia Tech jumps into the Top 25 but is somehow ranked one below the Buckeyes at No. 19, even after beating them 35-21 in Ohio Stadium Saturday evening. Nebraska drops three spots to No. 21 after their 31-24 near collapse victory over McNeese State.

As another reminder, neither AP nor Coaches' polls will figure much into the College Football Playoff, but they're fun, right?