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Packers vs. Seahawks open thread: Go Wisconsin

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Something tells me many of our regular B5Q readers and commenters also happen to be Green Bay Packers fans, so I figured I'd throw up an open thread for tonight's season-opener vs. the Seattle Seahawks and see what kind of traction we cook up.

A reminder that you probably didn't need: Acme Packing Company is your destination for SB Nation Packers news. Tex and those guys are also really good people. Here's their gameday stream and here's their Q&A with the Seahawks blog, Field Gulls. An excerpt:

APC: With Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, and several other star players receiving major contract extensions, and a megadeal on the way for Russell Wilson next offseason, is there a sense that this could be the Seahawks' last championship run with this current core?

I would say no, this isn't the prevailing thought for this season among fans. Seattle's real core of elite players is young and locked up long term - Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, Doug Baldwin, and soon to be Russell Wilson (and a few others this year), and John Schneider and Pete Carroll have proven that they can mine talent in the Draft and develop their picks on the field. This means, generally speaking, the sense is that Seattle has the potential to be good or very good for the foreseeable future as the team rallies around that group of leaders. It doesn't feel like it's "this season or bust," by any means, at least not as far as I can tell.

Now, that said, with some of these guys getting big 2nd contracts, Seattle's ability to sign outside free agents and to keep all their guys going forward diminishes, so I think there is a feeling that last year's team (and this year's team, to an extent) are probably deeper than they'll ever be going forward, and that this front office will probably not be able to consistently put together such a deep, talent-rich group indefinitely.

So, in other words, Seattle fans probably should concede that we may never see as deep of a full roster as we did in 2013, but with the further development and improvement in play of the core group of players the Seahawks have locked up long term, there's the thought this team could still be better at the top, going forward (without catastrophic injuries, of course).