Fox Sports' Stewart Mandel writes on Joel Stave facing 'the yips'


"Among 93 high school and college coaches, only 10 of them had not coached a player with the Yips. Collectively they’d coached 364 such athletes."

Fox Sports' Stewart Mandel in a story on Wisconsin quarterback Joel Stave struggling with "the yips."Simply put, and as you likely know by now, the yips are issues athletes encounter where some sort of mental block prevents them from completing an otherwise routine throw or pass. This New York Yankees fan (yeah, yeah) not-so-fondly remembers Chuck Knoblauch famously struggling to complete throws from second to first base in the late '90s. It's not something to mock, though; particularly for a college athlete already facing a ton of pressure, facing the yips can linger indefinitely and prematurely end a career. This story by Mandel is a great look at the scientific factors behind them, and what Stave faces in trying to work past them. Best of luck to him in moving forward.