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Video: Barry Alvarez talks College Football Playoff selection committee

In this video from Campus Insiders, Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez talks all things College Football Playoff selection committee, including his reaction to being asked to join, questions he had about the position, how he felt obligated to accept it and much more.

Alvarez also answered some Wisconsin-only questions, and the interview is a pretty solid two-minute watch. He's had to come out of the woodwork, at least publicly, over the past week considering Wisconsin's high-profile loss to LSU and then the Gary Andersen/Joel Stave "injury" situation. He supported Andersen while saying that this could be a "lesson" as to how things can/should be handled differently than they might be at Utah State, Andersen's previous stop.

"You've got to realize here everything's magnified, it's covered and it's a big deal," Alvarez said. "Maybe a bigger deal than you realize, but it turns into a big deal. These are all lessons."