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Wisconsin Badgers news, 9/26: UW preps for South Florida; Sojourn Shelton working overtime

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Happy Friday, friends. Let's dive right into today's Badger Bits.

I'm guessing you heard about Derek Jeter last night. Did you hear about the Big Ten's incredibly opportune marketing opportunity? Gotta imagine Jim Delany and a few conference suits had a nice, hearty chuckle after seeing that.

So this weekend's non-conference finale vs. South Florida should go pretty smooth for Wisconsin. Hopefully the same will be said on the recruiting front, where several top UW targets are visiting Madison.

Ahead of the game, Gary Andersen held his usual Thursday media session to provide injury updates, talk areas of improvement and more. has another roundup.

Is your depth at running back really "battered" when you still have Melvin Gordon and Corey Clement as your top two running backs? Andy Baggot's story on isn't just about those two, but that's still a question worth asking.

Sojourn Shelton has been staying after practice this week in an effort to "get back to the basics." As the article from, Shelton had two mental lapses vs. Bowling Green that shouldn't have happened.

Defensive coordinator Dave Aranda called up N.C. State defensive coordinator Dave Huxtable this week for more prep on South Florida. Huxtable was UW's linebackers coach in 2011, and his Wolfpack played the Bulls in Week 3. N.C. State won, 49-17.

247Sports has a nice run through of what to expect on the recruiting front throughout the Big Ten this weekend.