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Wisconsin Badgers news: Gary Andersen updates on Warren Herring, Alex Erickson, D'Cota Dixon, more

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Wisconsin head coach Gary Andersen met with reporters Thursday evening for his usual end-of-week media availability. Among his updates were freshman linebacker D'Cota Dixonwho's out for the season after shoulder surgery; Alex Erickson and his breakout at wide receiver; a last preview of South Florida and more.

Below are the highlights from Andersen; you can watch his full media session above.

  • Andersen pointed to South Florida's run game as being the challenge this week.
  • The Badgers have no new injuries other than Dixon, who had surgery on his shoulder this week and is expected to be back for spring ball. Andersen said that Leon Jacobs will be playing both inside and outside linebacker now that Dixon is out. Jacobs has been taking reps in several packages, Andersen said.
  • Warren Herring is "progressing," according to Andersen, though the nose guard is still weeks away from seeing the field.
  • Andersen attributes Erickson's emergence to the time he spent in the film room during his injury in the offseason. "He's a coach on the field, and he's proven to be a very talented player."
  • Andersen has been impressed the progress of the young defensive linemen.
  • Dare Ogunbowale will stay at running back for the time being. Andersen said he got a lot of reps there in practice this week.
  • (Ed note: Gotta love how Andersen smoked that reporter at 3:23 who asked if consistency is a concern after being "up and down each week.")