ESPN report: Joel Stave could miss the season; no internal strife for UW


ESPN's report (link above) on Joel Stave's injury doesn't contain any new hard news, though it does have two enticing "sources say" tidbits.

First is that Stave could be out for the season with this shoulder injury. We don't yet know if this current issue is tied to the injury Stave suffered in the Capital One Bowl, though I imagine we'll hear something before long.

Second is that ESPN's source says there was "no internal strife" at halftime of Saturday's game. That's important because some Internet reports have suggested that Melvin Gordon was pushing for Stave to start the game, and/or was pushing hard for Stave to enter the game after McEvoy struggled. Those reports have suggested that Gordon's "benching" in the second half -- he received just four carries after halftime -- was tied to some disagreement, but that seems pretty far-fetched to me. That would be so incredibly petty from the coaching staff to bench the star running back because he spoke out about his choice of quarterback. Also, today's news indicates that Stave was never going to be available for the LSU game, nobody what players or fans might've heard.

Buckle up, friends. The season is heating up.