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Steve Stricker will hit a golf ball onto the Camp Randall field at halftime of a Badgers game

This should be fun.

So here's a goofy, yet totally awesome promotion. Wisconsin is running a contest that will have PGA Tour pro Steve Stricker (AKA the pride of Edgerton) launch a golf ball from atop the Camp Randall Stadium Section K videoboard in an attempt to land it on the Motion W at midfield. Should he succeed (it's apparently a 135-yard shot), one lucky fan will win a VIP experience at the 2015 PGA Championship at Whistling Straits.

This will all take place during the Oct. 11 Illinois game; you can read the full details here. To register, visit

The video above promoting this whole thing is pretty hilarious, too. Bo, as you'd expect, gives the best acting performance. Mike Eaves hams it up a bit, too. But Gary... c'mon man.

All respect due to Stricker, but we gotta these coaches taking the hacks themselves. Can you imagine the Camp Randall reaction if Bo got up there?