2016 OLB recruit Emanuel Bridges talks Wisconsin offer, UW-LSU game


"I know they played a good game against a good SEC team like LSU even though they lost," said Bridges. "I’m very interested in them. I will visit, but I just don’t know when."

2016 four-star Newnan, Georgia, outside linebacker Emanuel Bridges. The Scout story is paywalled, so I apologize for this sort of misdirection. The quote resonated with me, though, and prompted me to share here because it seems to be precisely one of the biggest advantages touted for scheduling premier non-conference opponents like LSU. Win or lose, recruits will take notice of Wisconsin. Win or at least keep it close (or blow it in skullcrushingly brutal fashion), and UW's stature improves all the more. Sure, this is just one recruit, and he's a while from committing. Who knows if Wisconsin will land Bridges -- he has about a dozen known offers already -- but I'm curious to hear what people think.