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Wisconsin Badgers Video of the Day, 7/8: UW takes down Michigan State in 2009

On Sept. 26, 2009, at Camp Randall Stadium, then-head coach Bret Bielema and his Wisconsin Badgers took down Michigan State in a 38-30 victory. The Badgers went back and forth with the Spartans, but Wisconsin built a 38-17 lead in the third quarter and did not relinquish.

Looking back, the 2009-10 season is really what paved the way for the Badgers' streak of three consecutive Rose Bowl appearances, especially the Champs Sports Bowl victory against Miami. Yet, Wisconsin has not defeated Michigan State since this meeting, with the exception being when it mattered -- the 2011 Big Ten Championship Game. These two teams will not face each other until 2016 season in East Lansing.