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The Big Ten soccer kits you've been waiting for

Ale Asylum would've made for a pretty sweet sponsor, but these concept Big Ten soccer kits are great.

You might've seen some mock-up SEC soccer kits making the rounds on Twitter over the last week or so. They're right here by Kevin Ives (@AUPPL), in case you missed them or would like another look. Walmart sponsoring Bret Bielema's Arkansas team is just so, so perfect. There are also some Big XII concepts here.

Even better, though, are the Big Ten kits Ives has since designed:

Drawing an insurance company as your sponsor is pretty boring, though it's also probably the most plausible for Wisconsin. Michigan's kits are also pretty great, considering the university's ties to Domino's Pizza, while Maryland naturally has some horrendous state-flag varieties.

Elsewhere, Rutgers' color scheme here looks pretty great, though these kits do highlight the insane number of Big Ten schools with red as a primary/secondary color. C'est la vie.

Which are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below. Bonus points for hilarious alternate sponsors.