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Sam Dekker impressing at LeBron James Skills Academy

A slightly bigger, more aggressive Sam Dekker has been opening eyes at LeBron James' Skills Academy in Las Vegas.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The LeBron James news you've been waiting for: Wisconsin forward Sam Dekker has been evidently impressive at the superstar's annual skills academy in Las Vegas.

Certain news involving James tends to break while his camp is going on and this year might even have exceeded 2010 as the superstar free agent decides between re-signing with the Miami Heat or returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers. But the camp must go on, and by several accounts, Dekker's been one of the highlights. The camp features elite prospects from both colleges and high schools, and reporters have cited Dekker's size (up to 6'9, 229 pounds from his listed 6'7, 220 lbs. last season) and ability to run the floor and move without the ball. Those latter two traits seem familiar, don't they?

Considering B5Q's LeBron watching consists of camping out in front of the computer with pistachios and lemonade (not as glamorous as it sounds; these shells are everywhere), let's roundup some observations from across the Internet.