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Hypothetical college football trades: Wisconsin lands USC's Cody Kessler

Trades, obviously, can't belong in college football. They just can't. But wouldn't it be interesting to see the dynamic of executing trades in such a field, whether they be between coaches/administrators or players, and with the bargaining chips at their disposal?

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There are several holes on Gary Andersen's Wisconsin roster this year -- most notably at the quarterback and wide receiver positions -- so let's explore how UW can benefit off a hypothetical trade deadline. In essence, within our hypothetical scenario, the principles engrained within the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, etc. are still in place. Players can be traded for other players while scholarships serve as draft picks. UW's trade options in this excise aren't knocks against the players being hypothetically traded. It is simply what I deem "fair," or at least an attempt to come close to.

Trade proposal No. 1: Two 2016 scholarships, Connor Senger and Vonte Jackson for USC's Cody Kessler

If 2014 was just any other year for the Badgers, I would put up with the unforeseen nature of the quarterbacks. Alas, you don't get a running back of Melvin Gordon's caliber very often, which is why offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig needs an adequate and established quarterback. Enter USC's redshirt junior quarterback Cody Kessler. Yes, Kessler is likely going to be the starting quarterback for the Trojans, but head coach Steve Sarkisian and his staff still have a stockpile of quarterbacks. They're young, but they're talented, including Max Brown and Jalen Greene. Plus, top-10 recruit Ricky Town has already committed for the class of 2015.

Athlon Sports ranks the Trojans No. 14 on its preseason top-25 list and second in the Pac-12 South. Given this, Sarkisian could take the risk of enduring the growing pains of a young quarterback in his first year on the job, though that sounds like a horrible idea, especially coming off the Lane Kiffin era. The departure of Kessler could make up for USC's lack of scholarships over the years due to NCAA violations, and those scholarships could then be used, in part, toward another quarterback.

Both teams would be happy -- Wisconsin in the short-term and USC in the long-term -- while Kessler, who completed 65 percent of his passes last year, makes the Badgers serious contenders for the inaugural College Football Playoff.

Or... it has 2012's "acquisition" of Danny O'Brien written all over it.

So what does everyone think? Yay or nay on this hypothetical trade? Proposal No. 2 is coming on Friday.