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Wisconsin football recruiting: Badgers still chasing Kyler Manu, Jordan Griffin sets visit

We have our first visit that's locked down. Just flat-out locked down. You know, until it's not.

Seffner (Armwood), Fla., linebacker Jordan Griffin.
Seffner (Armwood), Fla., linebacker Jordan Griffin.
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This week's notebooks: Wednesday Monday

Hey, since when did this turn into nothing but a site for reporting recruiting news, views and things you can use?

Since the NFL draft ended and there was no Frank Kaminsky or Sam Dekker in the NBA draft, you silly goose.

A new face

Kyler Manu: Manu was briefly mentioned in early May, but that was a long time ago. The Badgers offered him after he decided to commit to the Boise State Broncos, and I can understand why. He's an Idaho prospect and he's good at attacking the running game -- at least that's what the Hudl profile wants to promote. Why are we discussing him here? Because he's among the many that are on their way for the Summer Blockbuster Campstravagnza next weekend. The Badgers' coaching staff does hold familiarity with Manu, and Manu is willing to be impressed.

Catching up with...

Javarius Davis: It's been tweeted that he's looking to stay with an SEC or ACC school. But at this point, the Badgers haven't given up on him. Good news for pedants and people seeking to avoid being hashtagged karma: the grammar checks out.

Jordan Griffin: While Jordan Scarlett was the first to announce plans on making a visit to Madison, it's Griffin that has an official date where he plans on coming up and taking in some football: Nov. 14 against Nebraska. Unless, you know, he's not. Remember when I put up a post about how the Northwestern game last Oct. 12 was gonna be so big? That list proved to be six names inaccurate. So while the three-star Floridian inside linebacker being this interested is a good thing, If you have donuts, I would bet dollars to them that this changes.

Also, it's kind of sad the Badgers whiffed on getting prospects from that weekend.

David Edwards: The list of people coming to Madison for the Summer Blockbuster Campstravagnza keeps growing, and firm resident on the Badger big board is planning on coming up for one more visit. This might, in fact, be where closing time occurs. Edwards is planning on committing before his senior season and as of now, he hasn't made plans to visit Illinois or Iowa for their camps. Obviously, watch this space; his coming to Madison with no other news means he could be in line to be the next Owen Daniels and Travis Beckums of the world.

If he leaves Madison without one, on the other hand, then the ride keeps going.

Michael Weber: In the strange tea leaves of a recruiting conspiracy board, the transfer of Ty Isaac to Michigan probably makes the final three for Weber official. So basically, if you want to look for the dominoes to fall, Ohio State currently leads for five-star Berea, Kentucky running back Damien Harris. Michigan State also leads for four-star running back of a similar vintage in Larry Scott. It could get very interesting for Weber.

Basketball summer jams

You and I both know that Brevin Pritzl isn't going to be the only piece of UW's 2015 basketball recruiting class. That, for lack of a better word, would suck for Bo Ryan. But, they're still on some four-stars who plan on taking in Madison in the summer. (See, it's a pun). Josh Sharma's been recruited hard for the Badgers because he's a lanky dude with range and that never seems to go out of style in a Bo Ryan offense, but he's also garnering interest from UConn and as such, he wants to make the second visit to Wisconsin.

If you want a sleeper to visit and potentially commit, West Linn, Oregon point guard and top-70 prospect Payton Pritchard is looking to come back and visit for the summer. ($) Right now, it's between Wisconsin and Villanova. Sure, the Badgers could well lose out to the Wildcats and it would be a sad miss for UW, but he's the sort of prospect the Badgers couldn't really get last year.

The five prospects most likely to commit at camp

Are we ending this notebook with a list? Yes. We can well figure who's the most likely to come out and say, "Hey, this is great and we're going to Madison because college football in Madison seems great." Will they all commit? No. Will even two commit? Maybe not. But the Summer Blockbuster Campstravagnza is always good for finding a piece of news or three along the way.

1. (The Unoffered In-State Prospect): Am I already cheating? Yes, I am. But there are already multiple possibilities for this slot. I've mentioned Jake Whalen on multiple occasions for the Badgers. The Wausau West prospect does have that sort of toughness and pursuit skills that could earn an offer. 247 Sports' Evan Flood has mentioned that Vincent Hughes could well get an offer with a good camp. He's projectable as hell. Both may be offered, both may commit. But they only get one slot here.

2. Omari Stringer: The Badgers have been looking at tall safeties for this class and Stringer definitely fits that mold. The 6'4 prospect was offered Monday, and it seems to have changed everything in terms of what Stringer wanted to do with his college choice. This Illinois prospect could well grow into a linebacker, but he seems aggressive and a good tackler. Growing into a linebacker wouldn't be the worst thing to happen.

3. Sam Madden: This four-star prospect has held the Badgers in high regard, but he hasn't had a chance to come to Madison yet. It goes without saying the Madison experience is usually a strong sales point. I'm not exactly putting him on commit watch (remember, I cheated after all). But don't be surprised if he's ready to decide at that point.

4. Justin Tranquill: I know it seems strange, but the 5'11 Tranquill grades out as a cornerback for the Badgers. He's quick and aggressive, and he has the ball skills to become the rare Badger cornerback who can actually hang on to the dang ball. He currently doesn't have the offer, and he doesn't have the listed 40-time that his brother, Notre Damer Drue Tranquill, did. But if he gets an offer, he could well close the recruiting quickly.

5. David Edwards: At least, that's what we're hoping.